Best Way to Convert MOBI to EPUB

Why we need to Convert MOBI Files to EPUB?

Nowadays, eBook Reader tends to be more and more popular. Many people would like to choose paperless digital files to read various books. As long as you have a device, you are taking tons of and even thousands of books anyplace you go. Also there are multiple ebook formats emerges and every eBook Reader has its own compatible format list. MOBI and EPUB are two popular eBook formats and many digital books are stored in these two formats. When we get an intriguing MOBI files but our devices can only read EPUB books, what shall we do? Generally speaking, the most encomic and effective way is to convert MOBI to EPUB.

When coming into this topic, we are recommended iStonsoft MOBI to EPUB Converter. Many people would puzzle that how could it be so popular and is it a well-deserved one? This page will make a thorough review of this so-called Bond to Turn MOBI to EPUB.

Review of iStonsoft MOBI to EPUB Converter

Main Features

  • Create EPUB books based on MOBI files.
  • Support MOBI files of .mobi and .prc extenstion name.
  • Convert MOBI files with 1:1 quality, thus 100% of the original text & images quality is preserved.
  • Retain the original elements such as author, name, text, layouts, images, hyperlinks in output EPUB files.
  • Import a plentiful of files and carry out the file conversion with only one click
  • Super user-oriented interface to guarantee that no users would be lost in operation.
  • No other 3rd party programs or apps required to convert MOBI to EPUB.
  • Make it possible to read MOBI book’s conents on EPUB-supported device such as iPad, iPhone, Nook, and etc.

Test on How to Use Converter to Save MOBI Files as PDF

Step 1. Run this software after installation. The installation is very simple. Then the first UI come into our eyes. It will give you a simple guide on how to operate the converter. Just follow it to load MOBI files to the converter. MOBI and PRCare supported indeed.


Step 2. All loaded MOBI files will be listed in the pane with file size, output type, output name and status bar. All converted files will be exported in source folder by default. If you want to change the output folder, just click the “Browse” to change output direction.


Step 3. Once everything is done, just click “Start” to fire up the MOBI to EPUB Conversion simpley.



  • Very easy to use
  • Intuitive interface makes people to know the software quickly
  • Fast speed
  • Finish conversion percisely
  • Offer free trial version to help people experience it before purchase. It limits user to convert no more than 3 files.


  • Have to pay for getting full version.
  • Cannot update automatically.

To sum up, this converter is exactly a software worthy to own. It doesn’t take too musch money(only $24.95) and you can convert all MOBI files to your EPUB supported device without limitation. So you can make the best use of all free book resources on the Internet. If you have interets in it, you may go to Internet to search and download “iStonsoft MOBI to EPUB Converter” to experience it.

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